The Vilest Form of Communication

I real hefty piece is TG#5 - weighty in page count and content. Mike hammers home some strong and sustained commentary on the family/parenthood, socialisation, anarchy, the mass media, the army and conscription -'Civil Defence is a Shallow Pretence' being particularly prescient; foregrounding as it does the mainstream media's penchant for championing military misdaventurism - just as they do still - see how the BBC et al clammer to demonise the official enemies and cheerlead the NATO slaughter in Afghanistan and Libya - 'A Reality of Horror' indeed. Elsewhere there's lyrics from The Eratics, Poison Girls and Crass. Annie Anxiety contributes 'Das Ist Der Heil Das Sie Briggen' (This is the Healing they Bring) + there are several pages from Throbbing Gristle and a liberal sprinkling of sloganeering and collage .

There were 2 edition of TG#5 though there is no difference in content - 2 pages rendered in standard type rather than the 50% reduction acount for the 2 page difference across the editions - Oh, and the Second Edition was A3 folded and saw a 20p price increase. TG#5 also featured the scintilating Crass Flexi, Tribal Rival Rebel Revel - its inclusion sent the circulation into the stratosphere. Absolutely fantastic throughout.

Crass , and the GREAT > Six Minute War.  20p.  Uk not sure where from ?

Did you know that it's technically illeagle to have sugar, (in the larder?), and weed killer (in the greenhouse/), watch out for the Great Fanny Craddock/Percy Thrower conspiracy trial!!!
Ok, so I've done a bit of feeling about and I have it on good authority, Toxic Graffitti #3 was the first TG - Mike Diboll's earlier effort was titled No Real Reason - I often wondered about that '(inc. N.R.R.)'. N.R.R. ran to 2 editions - TG#3 includes details of Mike's encounter with the police and the seizure of N.R.R.#3. Elsewhere there are nice extended interviews with Crass and Poison Girls - top flight stuff. Also, encounters with The Wall and Pentax. Articles on: the Birmingham Punk Scene (The Prefects, Anti Social, Steel Pulse, Mosiah + more) by Nick Alatti; My (MVD's) Anarchy; Police Harassment; British Fascism (NF)/Institutional Racism, and the Diary of a Nobody (Pope bashing). There's a neat little fanzine round-up, and reviews of 7"s by The Visitors, The Ruts, The Clash, Hollywood Brats, 4 Alternatives EP (Joe Public, The Numbers, X-Certs, 48 Hours), Barry Andrews, Essential Logic, Penetration, and The Smirks. Excellently narky throughout.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi
TG#6Competition Update

THIS FANZINE BELONGS TO'-------------------------------ANOTHER POSSESSION FOR MY COLLECTION'Solid stuff here from Lee (Stockton-on-Tees) - I think there were just 2 editions produced, both in 1982 [corrections always welcome]. Anathema was Lee's second effort, having earlier delivered Kiss the Earth, and latterly, Spitting Pretty Pikktures. Anathema is a series of astute rants, essays and poetry grappling with politics, feminism, consumerism, socialisation, torture, animal liberation, consumerism, religion, machismo, mental health, and the occult. Great contributions from Amanda M, Andy T, and Vanessa L. #1 includes an excellent 8 page interview with Crass and part 2 of a Poison Girls interview. Unfortunately this copy is missing pages 32-40 - if anybody can provide those it'd be greatly appreciated.'A4 scanned at 400 dpiAnathema #1

Jah Ovjam, 1980'I missed this one earlier -another cracking New Crimes - 26 jam-packed angry pages. Articles about Rock Against Racism, The Stuff, The Get. Vinyl: Crass, New Order, Aztec Camera, Bow Wow Wow, Misty in Roots, Orange Juice, PIL, Poison Girls, Heaven 17, Young Marble Giants, Theatre of Hate, Discharge, The Fall, Blurt. Live: Wankers/Eratics/Synyx, Mix 86, Crass/Poison Girls/Annie Anxiety (Witham & Birmingham [with Flux of Pink Indians]). Vitriol Corner: Honey Bane, Today in Parliament. Fanzine roundup and crossword.' A4 scanned at 400 dpiNew Crimes

'The greatest blasphemy is the hideous use of Christ & the hideous use of God......I think the blasphemy that Boney M committed by sort of going up with their totally sexual, slimy filth, doing Mary's Boy Child - I mean that's real blasphemy'.Penny Rimbaud, 1979

IC: Do you regret that interview in Back Issue
COLIN: Yeah it was absolutely shit I'M not blaming the people who did it, the interview was 8 months old & things change so much in 8 months & some of the things I said were completely untrue & I have done the interview again with proper true answer. We patched it up with Crass but they were a bit upset about it & so was i.Colin Latter, 1981


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