REPTIL ZINE #2, #3 and #6 (Spain, 1991, 1992) + Tambores De Guerra #3 (Spain, 1990)

Here Miguel Angel from Spain
Here are some links of Spanish fanzines that I have hosted on Megaupload, more copies of REPTIL ZINE, I think I sent you the first isse. [-> REPTIL #1 link]Issue 2 and 3 are 1991 Six was published in 1992. TAMBORES DE GUERRA (DRUMS OF WAR). This was released in late 1990...
Greetings from Miguel Angel in Spain

Slobodan's notes: As you can see by the second issue Reptil managed to get the cash to print cover in colour, that's pretty cool! Backcover's got a Bad Brain's live photo. Contentwise US bands like Millon Dead Cops and Citizen Arrest are interviewed and there is also a lot of Spanish (Barcelona) coverage. This is very last tail of the first or second wave of hardcore, crossover with metal and skateboards, horror movies and hi-top basketball shoes....

...And for those eternal nay-sayers who always say that everything was best at some mythical point in history when everyone sounded like Discharge and everyone was 3 people spread across four continents sending home made tapes to each other: today was always a great time for DIY hardcore.

Slobodan's notes: Find out for yourself! Write your own notes about this zine in the comments!

Slobodan's notes: L7! Green Day! But wait a minute before you write this of prematurely: it's also got a great MEXICAN HARDCORE article. And the criminally underrated HHH!!!!!!!! Wow.


Slobodan's note: Great zine name! Also great that despite the bands covered being more towards the cross over part of late 1980s/ early 1990s hardcore as you can see on the cover the scene still retains a radical anti-war edge. How great is that? Today music magazines and sadly some fanzines are all about music, no protest. That is a shame! Anyway, this zine includes a lot of varied material from Napalm Death to fanzine reviews via comics and band interviews with various bands I never even heard of before, and two bands I do know of, namely, Ratos De Paro from Brazil (!!!) and one of my old darling bands from Sweden the one and only IDENTITY (!!!). It's in Spanish, of course, but just looking at the pages makes me hate the internet even more. Please all you people reading this blog: START A ZINE TODAY!!!!