Negative Reaction

Paul Simonon draws a pistol, takes careful aim, and shoots Richard Hell’s guitarist in the head with a piece of spud – so this is what they mean when they say punk is violent? I managed to get my mitts on another issue of Negative Reaction and a fine edition it is too. Jon Romney, Wendy Shock, Dave Burnett, Andrew Duncan, Chris Green and Jimmy Olsen offer up some decent interviews with The Clash, Richard Hell, Mink DeVille, and The Soft Boys - all accompanied with Chas Diamond, Ivor Fried, and Sheely Weels' snazzy photos. Elsewhere there are reviews of The Roogalator, Eno, Fast Breeder, Deke Leonard/Iceberg (live); articles on The Zip-Tones (featuring Charlie Chainsaw), Reggae, and Dada; cartoons from Ignatz Ersatz and Jon Romney; charts and a smashing advert for The Art Attacks, I am a Dalek/Neutron Bomb. Completely riveting reading.A3 folded scanned at 600 dpiNegative Reaction #5    

Featuring Glen Matlock, the Art Attacks and some pub rock leftovers.

Download here.

Cool Slaughter and the Dogs interview where they slag the Buzzcocks off quite a bit. Excellent Users advert on the back page.

Download here.

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