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"This was awesome, I don't even like punk rock and I was totally mesmerized by the passion and talent put into The Third Sex. If only they were still together! I'd love to see them live. Some of the tracks (particularly 6 and 12) I've just been listening to over and over, Trish and Peyton's voices are so appealing".

"this is REALLY good stuff. The band consists of three dykes, Trish, Peyton and Shari. If you're into grrrl bands, you'll love the Third Sex".

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На сей раз вспомянем соратниц Team Dresch, издавававшихся на их же культовом Chainsaw.... Речь пойдёт о Third Sex - всеми забытых Riot Grrrls 90-х. Родом из Портленда, штат Орегон. Поклонникам "The Sound of Olympia" советую обратить внимание :)

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