Quality Control No. 1 - Nationalism and Sound
Featuring: 10 UK Hardcore Punk Records You Should Know, Light in the Darkness by Citizens Arrest Song Rumination, Grass Roots vs Globalised hardcore punk discussion. Interviews with Invasion (Spain), The Sceptres (UK), Out Come the Wolves (Spain), Thee Vicars (UK), Jack from Frightener, Max 625, Adam Malik (Pain Runs Deep). Cover art by Tommyrot.

Quality Control No. 2 - Individuality
Featuring: Moving Targets (80s Boston Post-punk), Cold World (90s Vienna powerviolence), Nowhere Fast (00s Liverpool BMX Bandits), Boston Scene Report by Liz Libyans, various rants/articles including one on the state of the EDGE featuring various international contributors, and another about the Impossible Individual. Cover art by Glenn Smith.


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I put the magazine together with the same 'back to basics' approach as the music that I was to feature. The main text, if you could call it that, was typed out on an old children's typewriter that my parents had bought for me as a Christmas present when I was about ten. The titles and the limited 'graphics' I scrawled out with a black felt tipped pen. It was raw, to say the least, but it put across the punk message perfectly. It celebrated the DIY ethic but was also representative of the very best that I could do. Even in the first issue I was identifying punk as a scene separate from the rest of rock music, but because of my openness it could include reviews of my old favourites Blue Oyster Cult alongside obvious ravings about The Ramones. Mark Perry, 2000'Correspondents here have noted how prolific some of the fanzine writers were - on the ball and what not - Sniffin' Glue is the classic example - spanning july '76-sept '77 (15 issues, 1-12 [see editorial in this issue for details of the peculiar numbering]) Sniffin' Glue was a monthly record of the emergent scene - Mark Perry & Co's view true, but undoubtedly astute.

IC: Do you regret that interview in Back Issue
COLIN: Yeah it was absolutely shit I'M not blaming the people who did it, the interview was 8 months old & things change so much in 8 months & some of the things I said were completely untrue & I have done the interview again with proper true answer. We patched it up with Crass but they were a bit upset about it & so was i.Colin Latter, 1981

I Know it's untrendy to be a London based fanzine, but we don't give a fuck about what's trendy and what's not trendy. This is our second edition of a fanzine last time we were called Music Works but now we don't like that name and so we've changed it to Intensive Care as you will have noticed by looking at the front cover.

Tony old son,why don't you come up to the NME and laugh in our faces?Why don't you come up and make the snide pathetic insults to our faces? Then me & you can go out the back and you can keep laughing out there. This is an open invitation, okay?Come up here whenever you're ready, I'm waiting for ya.Tony Parsons, 1978'Another bona fide classic here. There's plenty of info about R&T and its creator, Tony Drayton, on the web - not least the fine Kill Your Pet Puppy website, structured around Tony's equally fine second fanzine of the same name. So I'll not bother with the usual gobbets here. Again, I've a good few of these to upload, and again they'll be making random appearances. 'Issue #15 has Wayne County, Sham 69 take a token kicking, the Viletones, Tony D. on the Motorcycle Sluts and an appraisal of 60's psych' (Standells, Sonics, Electric Prunes etc). Full page Antz advert (ditto Bernie Torme Band).

ITC: Is it still such a crime to "ask a lady her age"?Vi: "Well, I think it's great that you've asked me and if I tell you - well I mean, I can say right now that I'm 43...." Vi stops and thinks: "....Is it 43 or 44?"Vi Subversa, 1980
It's high time we had an In The City. I've got a fair few of these to post and I'll do them occasionally. Definitely one of the more attractive fanzines was ITC - the Poison Girls' pages in here are superb looking - some nice use of colour. But it's the written content that really made it - loads of credit to Peter Gilbert and Francis Drake. Given his ubiquity at the time this surprisingly is the first fanzine posted on EE to feature Adam Ant on the cover. Issue #13 also has: LPs - Crass (full page), Augustus Pablo, Creation Rockers Vols. 1-6 (VA), Rebel Music (VA), Punishment of Luxury, Talking Heads, Earcom 2 Comp', Cabaret Voltaire, The Carpettes, Poison Girls, Avon Calling (Bristol Comp), This Heat, The Slits, The Damned; Poetry - review of Annie Anxiety's, Eyes Of The Blind; Letters (incl 1 from Steve Ignorant in response to a query about Crass' advocacy of anarchy); Live - The Adverts/Cowboys International/Cuddly Toys, The Ruts/The Pack; ITC charts + 1 page The Ramones competition results article.

AC: Hi JimmyJim: HelloAC: Eh!.Jim: What do you mean, eh?'Jimmy Pursestrings', 1980

Issue #5 of Phil and Nidge's Anti-Climax.

Reviews: live - The Adicts/Disco Zombie/Mysterons; LPs - The Damned, Crass, Cherry Red Comp (Rudi, Girlschool, Those Naughty Lumps, Crisis, The Shapes, Newtown Neurotics, AK Process, Second Layer, Glaxo Babies, Llygod Ffyrning, Poison Girls, Piranhas, Spizz Oil, I Jog And The Tracksuits); 7"s - Pulp, 999, Epileptics, Swell Maps, Angelic Upstarts, The Stiffs, Cockney Rejects + letters/charts.

Single & Double sided A4 scanned at 400dpi

Anti-Climax #5


Ok, so I have a spare copy of this fanzine - if you'd like it, have a scan around this post for the hidden mediafire link - first person to make a comment using the password gets the fanzine.

Anonymous comments enabled


Hidden link revealed - to the left of the 2nd Jim.


AC: So you're opposed to the whole aura of the 'rock scene'.'Jaz: Of course I'm fucking opposed to it. Don't you think it's funny that people like us can be in a studio like this. They hate it, the idea that a grotty little turd like me could get anywhere near what they're doing. I hate the music business. I like the scene that you guys are interested in - small bands. Jaz Coleman, 1981'Issue #8 of Anti-Climax has good interviews with UK Decay and Killing Joke + a fairer appraisal of Another Pretty Face + a mention of The Anticx from Haverhill. 7" reviews - Pinpoint, Redbeat, Ski Patrol, Crass + letters. Cracking stuff. 'A4 scanned at 400 dpi Anti-Climax #8

KIRSTY (Captain's girlfriend): Are you sick on stage ?

IAN: Of course I'm not sick on stage. What do you think I am, some kind of nutcase.?Ian Woodcock (Vibrators), 1980
I've 3 issues of Anti Climax to upload + a spare #5, which I'll be giving away in a competition type thing. Anti Climax ran to 9 copies between '79-'82 and again, Clash sniping aside, it's a good little runner. Issue #6 also has: The Puritans, The Bleeding Pyles; live - SLF/Another Pretty Face ('boring'? - I saw the Bradford George's Hall leg of this tour and thought APF were excellent - horses/courses...), 999/Pinpoint; LPs - Penetration, The Cockney Rejects, Hybrid Kids Compilation; 7"s - Killing Joke, The Vibrators, The Cure, The Cockney Rejects, Sham 69 + news, letters and readers' chart.
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