I'm not gonna get paranoid about this fanzine now, so fuck off!!!Mental Children Ed., 1980'Mental Children is a Better Badges production so lots of nice pics again - it makes you wonder; was Rough Trade churning these buggers out as puff pieces for their artists......ooh, the cynic appears. Just kidding, it's a fine little fanzine. Reviews: 7"s - The Slits/The Pop Group, Silicon Teens, The Monochrome Set, Last Words, Cabaret Voltaire, The Mo-dettes; Live - The Ramones (very briefly) + recipes and Klingette the Clown cartoon.'A4 scanned at 400 dpi Mental Children #1

Noize of consciousness. Featuring Giftgasattack (Goteborg), SEEYOUINHELL (Brno), Lastsentence (Osaka), Vaccuum (Bay Area). 32 x A5 pages. Lots of text. Some of it readable. Some of it less so.


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I'm gonna slap on a Strangled. Partly for the pleasure of seeing it on the blog, but mainly as an excuse to point you here where pdfs of all 9 issues of Strangled volume 1 can be viewed.'Strangled was the work of Tony Moon and Alan Edwards. Moon is credited with production of Sideburns fanzine (4 issues) - notably, the December '76 issue featured the much copied Playing in the band diagram - can anybody pluck that one out of the ether? Wouldn't it be pleasing to see some online Sideburns......? Anyway, Issue 8 of Strangled has Kaine Kinetics; interviews with David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Hugh Cornwell, JJ Burnel, and George Melly + editorial, bits on cannabis legalisation, video revolution, news, and a HC cartoon.'
A3 folded scanned at 400dpi. Strangled #8

GRINDING HALTTHE KIND OF CRAP THAT TALKS BACKLadies & GentlemenHow do?Eddie Snide, 1980
This is a real corker of a fanzine - starting in 1979, Eddie Snide and Captain Callous produced 12 issues of Grinding Halt. Issue #5 is jam packed with excellent articles and reviews. Decent pieces on Patrick Fitzgerald and The Members. Reviews: 7"s - Those Naughty Lumps, Cult Figures, Apartment, The Donkeys, VIPs, The Yachts, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Scars, Stiffs; LPs - The Undertones, The Members, UK Subs, The Slits, The Pop Group, Magazine, The Fall, The Cure; Live - Mo-Dettes/Athletico Spizz 80/Tenpole Tudor, A Fast Crowd/Idiot Dancers, General Accident/Johnny & The Moondogs, The Wall, The Cramps/The Fall/Fashion, The Flatbackers/The K9s, Crisis/The Lazers/The Straps, and Wasted Youth. The interviews with Athletico Spizz 80 and Wreckless Eric are particularly smashing.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi
Grinding Halt #5

LONDON'S BURNING, the fanzine by a Clash fan for Clash fans, has been done because it beats sharpening pencils......dial 999 at your own risk. Jonh Ingham, 1976

A big treat here for Clash fans - Jonh Ingham's stylish London's Burning. It's a very nifty piece indeed with some fantastic collage work. Apart from this wonderful fanzine Ingham is credited with conducting the first Sex Pistols interview (published in Sounds, 24 April '76), writing the Rough Trade Newsletter, and penning many freelance pieces about the emergent Punk scene for papers such as Sounds and NME. Jonh writes on - you can read him in MOJO, the Word, Uncut and other publications.

Single sided A4 scanned at 400dpi
London's Burning #1

Death Scream #3 (1987)

"Old zine with tons of reviews of LP's and Demos. Bands include Poison (Ger), Necronomicon, NME, Nuclear Death, Assassin, and many more!"


As found here.

Ont Road #11 hails from Leeds, UK. In this debut issue you can find: Hero Dishonest in the UK & USA (Tour Reports), Stories about getting in trouble with Police, Non-League Football, Ont Rail & Road in Europe (Travel Report), Gig and Record Reviews.

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Black Flag from SToke Newington? What the hell...Also cool Discharge Apocalypse Tour with Exploited etc review for nerds like me.HERE!

More Noize # 3 (A5, 28 pages, UK, 2009)
Interviews Terska (Finland), Caravana Anarquista (Japan), the Wankys noise lecture, Wankys/Active Minds tour report, Brisbane scene report, history of State Adults, Noisepug records, lots of reviews etc.

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More Noize #1 here.
More Noize #2 / Vapuas #4 here.

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