Walthamstow fanzine. The highlight here is an interview with a teddy boy about punks.

Memorable quote: "our half-cast mate, Poly, is a brilliant front"

Download here.

Ont Road 12

Featuring travels in: St. Kitts & Nevis, Prague, Lisbon, UK & Eire
On tour with: Hero Dishonest, Sotatila, Ruidosa Inmundicia
Articles about: Public Transport Romance, Essential Travel Items, The Scene Today, The Manic Street Preachers, Fluff Fest
Plus: Fanzine & Record Reviews
Ont Road 12

Ont Road 13
Go Fuck Yourself 1

Ont Road #13 / Go Fuck Yourself #1 split zine. This issue features a travel report to a darts tournament in Holland, in-depth band features on Teenage Bottlerocket, Leatherface & Manic Street Preachers, a Sotatila / Pisschrist Euro tour diary, crimethinc writings, football stories, zine and record reviews.

This is a split zine with a fellow writer (ex- DUHH) who shares the love of alcohol and travel, conveyed through his new incarnation as GO FUCK YOURSELF. Inside are articles about travels in Los Angeles, St Petersburg to Beijing, New York to California, and an interview with Thou.

Ont Road 13
Go Fuck Yourself 1

'The greatest blasphemy is the hideous use of Christ & the hideous use of God......I think the blasphemy that Boney M committed by sort of going up with their totally sexual, slimy filth, doing Mary's Boy Child - I mean that's real blasphemy'.Penny Rimbaud, 1979

this is an epic at 64 pages, good stuff, interviews with Heresy, Doom, Loop, AC Temple, Mottek, Nomeansno, Bad Beach, Boltthrower, God, Godflesh ( Im pretty sure the editor was Godflesh's sound man responsible for hurting my delicate ears) there's also 'lots of other stuff' , quality stuff.
Gnarlimost 1

UK82! - featured are Uproar and the Public Toys ( pre- the Fiend ) collages and reviews and pics nicked from punk lives etc, class! Partisans, Blitz, Attack,,
Hate and War 1

South Shields strikes again, a precursor to 'Still Dying' - this one has interviews with Red Alert, Action Pact, Activist and info on Total Chaos, Riot Squad, Psycho Faction, Undead, Straw Mats, Public Toys, Expelled and stuff on Sunderland Youth CND.
Hate and War 2

straight outta Whitby 1983, duplicated on the gestetener at Benwell community centre! Some veggie / vegan texts, interviews with Political Asylum, UK Anarchists, Total Chaos, Screaming Dead, Blood Robots, Xtract, Hagar the Womb. Some reprints of flyers from Alternative, Apostles...

Cardboard Theatre 1

Here's three zines from YOU ARE A DISEASE blog. Sorry for copy and paste job. Life and fanzine archiving are permanently at odds, it seems.

Hanging Around # 6
My favourite bit is the Valves doing single reviews. Not sure if the Scars whose gig is reviewed is the same band that did a post-punk single on Fast records, but as the début gig described took place near Edinburgh, I'm guessing they are. Download here.

Hanging Around # 7
This issue features pre-Nightingales punks the Prefects! Download here

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